The sprightly filly Kamelliya, born on 14 June, is the last foal by Gadebrook's Reserve Futurity Endurance champion Hadiya and out of the leading Egyptian mare Kamillah, winner of the 2013 World Arab Horse trophy for the UK.

She is fast and beautiful and the culmination of a life-long wish to cross pure Crabbet with pure Egyptian.

In fact, Kamelliya's grandsire Binley Prince Salim, and her dam, Kamillah, stood side by side in the anniversary parade of AHS Premium horses at the Arab National Championships at Malvern in 2011.

Kamelliya gained Gold in the endurance section of the national Youngstock Futurity Evaluations in August, with excellent marks for movement and conformation. Click HERE for the clip from the video we sent the evaluators – because of the Covid-19 restrictions, horses could not attend venues in the flesh in 2020.

Kamelliya is known as Leyah at home, and that is the name we used for her entry to the Futurity Evaluations.

Click on picture above for video clip of Kamelliya galloping on 1st July 2020 at Gadebrook.

View another video HERE.

6-week old Arab AHS Premium filly Kamelliya at Gadebrook in July 2020

Kamelliya with dam Kamillah and breeder Anne Brown, at Gadebrook

Two-week old Kamelliya checks out helper Debbie

Kamelliya's sire Hadiya, who died two weeks after her birth from a freak field accident

Kamelliya's dam Kamillah with her breeder Judy Phillips riding side-saddle at the Performance Horse champions' Parade at Malvern in 2011, beside Kamelliya's grand-sire Binley Prince Salim, ridden in endurance tabard by Susan Hawes, Photo Kevin Hawes

Arab filly Kamelliya in June 2020, at Gadebrook

Kamelliya stretches her legs at Gadebrook