Bay/grey pure Crabbet colt by Binley Prince Salim x Pevensey Zariffia (imp Australia), born 27 April 2016 to make 15hh. Half-brother to Mazaria.

SCID + LFS clear.

Tragically, his dam Zariffia suffered a prolapsed colon giving birth to him as he was too large and three weeks late. So at two in the morning with the help of the National Foaling Bank, we located a big Belgium draught mare Blondie. She fostered the orphaned Hadiya brilliantly for which we are very grateful to her owner Wendy Davies.

Hadiya will be retained by the stud as his bloodlines, temperament and conformation are just what the Crabbet gene pool needs.

Read more about the birth drama click HERE


Playful yearling colt Hadiya in spring 2017

Two-day old orphan Crabbet colt Hadiya with foster dam Blondie, April 2016, Gadebrook

Anne and Hadiya & Blondie and Georgina, the day before weaning, October 2016, Gadebrook

Hadiya and foster mum Blondie with Shiraaz joining in the fun, Sept 2016, Gadebrook

Hadiya, pure Crabbet colt by Binley Prince Salim x Pevensey Zariffia, August 2016 at Gadebrook Photo: Alexia Ross

Salim's 2016 colt, Hadiya at 3 months
& foster mum Blondie, Gadebrook